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We propose to both miniaturise and integrate your systems using highly innovative technologies, such as silicon capacity from 50 to 200 µm in height, flexible batteries with a thickness of less than 500 microns, SiP (System-in-Package), and 3D solutions (superposition of different layers of heterogeneous electronic components in the form of chips or packaged).

This allows you to divide the size and weight of your solutions by 5 or 10 while facilitating mass production and guaranteeing better reliability.
Obsolescence can also be managed by replacing an existing component with an equivalent integrated PCB footprint module.



Whether for high-speed network solutions or real-time processing for flows of a few Mbps to over 400Gbps per board (Network Packet Processing (NPP), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), multiplexing, aggregation, or protocol conversion) or needs in ultra-low latency, EMG2 has a varied and complementary offer.

We offer a variety of communication interfaces (wired and RF), real time processing solutions, and various wiring and connection options.
Moreover, our SERDES component offer allows you to transmit up to 12Gbits per second of video streams and ancillary data (including Ethernet) using a minimum of wires.



The technological bricks proposed by EMG2 provide you with all the modularity and flexibility you need to develop your systems in compliance with major industry standards: TCAM, PCIe, VPX, FMC, XMC.
As such, we offer FPGA, DSP, and CPU-based COTS boards, digital or analogue acquisition boards (ADC and quick DAC), network interface boards, chassis, power supply, wiring and connections, and high-precision clock distribution solutions as well as the related software tools.
All of these components, used independently or together, allow you to design your applications more efficiently with rapid deployment and mass production.