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EMG2 relies on international partners to offer
technologies and the most innovative solutions for your projects.


3D-PLUS designs and manufactures very high density Integration and Reliability products in France based on a 3D stacking technology, chips, and various electronic components in one package.

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BittWare develops and markets the most powerful FPGA-based boards on the market (ALTERA and XILINX) with very high-speed transmission interfaces (up to 400GigE) or FMC connectors.


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Inova Semiconductors GmbH develops high-speed serial links (LVDS/APIX links) for the real-time transmission of uncompressed video streams as well as ancillary data (I2C, SPI, Ethernet, audio, etc.) over a minimum of wires.

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NAT specialises in the development of boards and complete systems (CPU, FPGA, various I/O, chassis, power supplies, software tools) for instrumentation, communications, and signal processing.
It is currently a leader in MTCA technologies.

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Seven Solutions has significant expertise in embedded systems and now ranks among the leading providers of high-precision (sub-nanosecond) clock distribution and synchronisation solutions for industrial and scientific applications.

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